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Vitamin D is a pill that everyone takes in abundance in this cold region with less sun. We can compensate for this through our natural food products.
That's why we present our new venture, four products of Poombukar natural food products

Keep these four powders for 48 days (Ancient people used this time period to see the result of anything consumed) and you can take it along with any food you consume daily.
• For example, one powder per day can be taken in a spoonful of honey every morning.
• You can mix it with food items like sambar, rasam, curry etc. It can be taken with plain rice mixed with ghee or ghee.
• It can be sprinkled on dosa and eaten as dosa.
• When eating with idli, you can mix it with idli powder or keep it as a powder and mix it with ghee.

In this way you can take it daily with the food items you take richly and keep it daily for 48 days and count it for 48 days. When you take it continuously, this type of vitamin D tablets or vitamin C tablets are made without any artificially prepared substances. You can definitely improve your health by using it.

In this the important thing to be taken into consideration is 48 days ((Ancient people used this time period to see the result of anything consumed))  should be taken daily in one way or another.

Mainly Poombukar 100% Natural Pirandai (Cissus Quadranglaris) Powder , for bones we take Vitamin D here. Alternatively we can take this.

Poombukar 100 % Natural Horse Gram Powder,A substance that can dissolve fat that heats up the body can give you energy whereas anything that can reduce fat can be taken.

Iron deficiency is the cause of many things like blindness, hair loss, deficiency of red blood cells, forget fulness.A remedy to compensate for this is Poombukar 100 % Natural Moringa Powder.

Similarly, Poombukar 100 % Natural Turkey Berry Powder cures various problems such as stomach disorders, digestive disorders in children and adults.

It is all used by our forefathers. Those who want to consume our Poombukar natural products are prepared in a very clean manner and intrinsically beneficial in this modern age so that it can be easily consumed by us and it is like a food rather than a medicine.

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