Sesame Oil Receipe - Poombukar Wooden Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Dosa

Dosa is thin pancakes originating from South India that is made with a fermented batter typically consisting of lentils and rice. The appearance is somewhat similar to that of a crepe, although savory flavors predominate 

 Poombukar Wooden Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Dosa

(sweet variants are also available). The main ingredients are rice and black gram ground into a fine, smooth batter with salt, then fermented. In South Indian cuisine, dosa is a common dish. However, they have now gained popularity all over the Indian subcontinent. Traditionally, dosa are served hot with chutney; more recently, they have been served with sambar. Additional accompaniments include Idly podi powder. Poombukar Sesame Oil / Gingelly Oil is ideal for making dosa. (Nalla ennai).


Parboiled¬†rice ‚Äď Puzhungal Arisi ‚Äď 2 cups (heaped)
Raw rice ‚Äď Pachcha Arisi ‚Äď 2 cups (heaped)
Black gram ‚Äď Uzhundhu- 1 cup (heaped) (dehu, whole)
Fenugreek¬†seeds ‚Äď 1 tsp
Rock salt ‚Äď 3 tsp (heaped)

Nutrition: Per serving (10)

kcal fat saturates carbs sugars fiber  protein salt
94 2g 0.2g 16g 0.2g 1g 3g 0.01g



1 Wash all the ingredients, except for the oil, three or four times, then drain. Leave to soak in cold water in a bowl overnight. 
2 Drain the water from the ingredients, but keep it and set it aside. Transfer the soaked ingredients to a food processor/Mixi/Grinder and grind to make a smooth till smooth and frothy. Make sure the batter doesn't look grainy ‚Äď you can use a little of the soaking water if you need to. It should be like a thick, smooth pancake batter and should coat the back of a spoon.¬†
3 Keep in a large container, so that there is enough space for the batter to ferment and rise. Grind the batter the previous day itself so that the batter is fermented for at least 8 to 10 hours. If you're not using the batter straight away, chill for later. It will keep for up to five days.
4 Next day morning mix the batter well and pour in dosa pan ‚ÄstTava and spread like dosa and add Ghee or Poombukar¬† Wooden Cold Pressed Sesame Oil¬†oil and turn and allow it to cook well.¬†

Drizzle a few drops of Poombukar Wooden Cold Pressed oil all over the dosa and increase the temperature to high heat. When it turns slightly golden and the edges begin to lift, Continue to cook until the underside looks completely golden and crisp. Use a flat spatula to loosen the edges, then roll over the dosa and lift onto a plate. 

6 Before you make the next dosa, decrease the temperature of the pan back to medium heat and repeat the above steps.