About Us


Even though we have a strong belief in our ancient natural food and medicine it doubled and awakened by this Pandemic. We hope that only one thing that makes this world better again that’s is our mother nature. Preserving and living with our Mother Nature will save mankind on this planet. Living with nature consists of the uncompromised part as having natural food. Our search end with our enterprise FARMERS TRIBUNE CANADA INC and Our Brand Poombukar born.

FARMERS TRIBUNE CANADA INC is a nature-based enterprise that seeks to promote natural foods and make fresh, healthy, and wholesome foods accessible to everyone. Therefore, Poombukar bridges the farm-to-market gap promotes health and wellness among our consumers while expanding livelihoods for the dozens of small-scale producers who make up our supply network.

"Business with ethics, care, humanity, and social responsibility" is our motto.


Poombukar, India's ancient port city, is located at the mouth of the Kaveri River in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. Puhar, Kaveripoompatinam, and other very old names in Tamil Poetic literature and other literature include it.

It was once a thriving ancient port city during the Early Chozha Kingdom. The city was well-planned, with two distinct districts: one near the sea and the other to the west. Weavers, silk merchants' vendors, potters, and goldsmiths all lived in the seaside district. There were also foreign traders, foreign visitors, and merchants who lived there.

The shipyard and warehouse, known as Maruvurpakkam, were located there, surrounded by Pattinapakkam. Kings and nobles lived there, as did wealthy merchants, farmers, astrologers, dancers, and soldiers.

Huge ships entered the port without hassles and precious goods arrived from other countries spread across the seashore. The goods were stored in massive warehouses and displayed for sale in both day and night market economies. Near the seashore, there are many very large and beautiful mansions with high platforms.

Scientists believe that the ancient city was destroyed by a tsunami in 416 AD, which was possibly caused by the Krakatoa eruption.Poombukar was lauded and heralded in detail in Silapathikaram, one of Tamil Literature's most famous five epics. Other Tamil literature, such as Manimekalai and Temple Inscriptions, testify to Puhar's fame. Purananooru, an ancient poetic poem, also describes the city and the Puhar people's way of life.

Poombukar is a symbol of ethical business and root of world business. That is why we chose a name with the symbol of a ship.