Take Care of Your Oral Health with Oil Pulling

Why is oral health so important?

Mouth is considered as a mirror of human general health. The oral cavity harbors billions of microorganisms, some of which contribute to systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, etc.
Oral health is closely tied to general health. It is therefore imperative to keep your mouth healthy. Researchers are researching natural products as a result of antibiotic resistance, adverse effects, and toxicity of modern medicines.
Oil pulling has been proven to improve oral health. It was popularized and brought to the limelight. This article discusses how oil pulling maintains oral hygiene.

What is Oil Pulling?

The practice of oil pulling dates back about 3,000 years in Ayurvedic medicine. There are many possible health benefits of oil pulling, including whitening teeth, treating halitosis, and improving oral health in general because it reduces mouth toxins. Trying oil pulling would be a great idea right now. I know that I’m not anxious to go to the dentist anytime soon, especially for a cleaning.
This amazing ancient Ayurvedic therapy for maintaining oral hygiene and the simple practice of swishing oil (like coconut or sesame) in your mouth for several minutes.

What is its origin?

Oil pulling originated in India millennia ago but is now widely practiced around the world.  Oil pulling is mentioned in the ayurvedic text Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita as ‘Kavala Graha’ or ‘Kavala Gandoosha’. In Gandoosha mouth is completely filled with oil such that gargling is impossible whereas in Kavala Graha comfortable lesser quantities of oil is used such that gargling is possible.

Why is it simple?
  • Oils for oil pulling are easily available in household.
  • Oil pulling is an easy, inexpensive way to rebalance the oral microbiome and improve oral and dental health.
  • Oil pulling should not be touted as a disease-curing miracle. These claims lack scientific evidence and have never been substantiated.
How to do it?
  • In oil pulling, a tablespoon full of oil is swished around the mouth in the early morning before breakfast and on an empty stomach for about 20 min.
  • In the case of children greater than five years of age, a teaspoon of oil is used.
  • The oil is ‘pulled’ and forced in between all the teeth by swishing it all around the mouth.
  • At the end of this activity if the procedure is done correctly, the viscous oil will become milky white and thinner. Then it is spitting.
  • Mouth is thoroughly washed with clean warm saline water or tap water.
  • Afterward, the teeth are cleaned with fingers or routine tooth brushing is performed.
  • If the jaw aches, then the procedure can be performed for 5-10 minutes.
  • The oil should not be spit into the sink as the oil can cause clogging of the pipes. Instead, the oil should be spit into a trashcan or on a paper towel.
When should it be done?
  • Oil pulling should be ideally performed daily morning on an empty stomach before brushing teeth and care should be taken that oil is not swallowed.
  • Swallowing oil during oil pulling should be avoided as the oil contains bacteria and toxins.
  • Oil pulling is best practiced in a sitting position with the chin up.
  • Practice it thrice daily before meals on an empty stomach to accelerate the healing process.
  • It is contraindicated for children below 5 years due to risk of aspiration.
  • The practitioner should take care not to aspirate the oil while performing rigorous oil pulling.
  • Among the conditions where oil pulling can be advantageous are oral ulcers, fever, vomiting tendency, asthma and conditions where brushing is difficult or contraindicated.
A Word From Verywell

In recent years, more and more people in the West have shown an interest in traditional medical practices. 

If you want to give oil pulling a try, do it while also brushing your teeth twice per day. That way, you’re getting the best of both worlds a modern, scientifically-proven approach to dentistry, and an ancient ritual that could impact your health too.
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