Women Entrepreneur - IT Analyst

Ms.Elavarasi Elangovan is a Founder and Owner of Farmers Tribune Canada Inc. She is an entrepreneur, writer, poet, mother of two beautiful children, and IT professional with 15 years of experience, currently working as an IT Analyst on financial sector at a reputed bank at Montreal, Canada.

With her expertise in IT technology, she develops software and delivers solutions to problems using software systems and applications. In the workplace, she uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to solve problems and motivate others.

With a strong desire to be of service to others, she actively participates in various social activities, including teaching Tamil language and teaching technology to senior citizens, promoting healthy living and supporting women in critical need.

By providing inspiring storytelling and writing through all communication channels, such as radio and social media, she encourages reading habits and natural healthy lifestyles among the community.

Ms.Elavarasi Elangovan's passion for serving natural food products by re-introducing a traditional theme to the food market in a smarter way.

Being a sustainable business, her focus is to enhance Human Health by allowing people to access a great range of quality food products including cooking oils, natural honey and to bring and spread the traditional knowledge of chekku oils (Traditional Wooden Cold-Pressed Method) into the modern era.

We specialize in bringing high-quality and premium cooking oils and 100% natural honey to make our customers happy, healthy, beautiful, and good. 

POOMBUKAR is an ethical work of love combining Ms.Elavarasi Elangovan's vision for creating unique natural, pure, healthy, quality comfort food products with her operational sensibilities and social responsibilities.

Although the business is launching out online first, there is a plan to open outlets all around Canada in the future.

"Food is Medicine, so do the business with care , responsibility and ethics" .