5 Top Ways To Use Pirandai Podi / Veldt grape powder (cissus quadrangularis) powder At Home:

1.Pirandai Thogayal | Chutney: For Gastritis, Indigestion & Lack of Appetite:
    Pirandai thogayal treats all digestion-related problems like gastritis, indigestion, and lack of appetite. Pirandai thogayal can be made in a matter of minutes and tastes really good.
    1. Take around a cup of cleaned, finely chopped opinion.
    2. Heat around 1.5 tbsps of Poombukar Wooden Cold Pressed Sesame oil in a pan and roast 3 tbsp urad dhal, 3 dry red chilies, and a small piece of asafoetida separately till golden and remove from the pan.
    3. Grind the fried spices first to a coarse powder in a blender, now add 1tsp of Poombukar 100% Natural Pirandai powder,1 tsp of tamarind, salt, a pinch of jaggery and grind to a thick coarse paste with very little water.
    You can season it with mustard and curry leaves if you prefer.

    This thogayal gives the best results if consumed weekly twice, especially if you suffer from indigestion or gastritis or if you are a person who eats out a lot. It is also a good home remedy for piles. Mix the thogayal/ chutney with hot rice and a little ghee to eat. This pirandai thogayal tastes wonderful.
    2. Pirandai Poultice For Sprains:

    Pirandai poultice is very good for treating sprains and swollen joints (suluku in Tamil). It is also one home remedy that many people in our village often use for minor injuries, as it heals minor sprains and fractures quickly.
      1. Add 1 tsp of Poombukar 100% Natural Pirandai powder in a class of water.
      2. Take the juice along with a tbsp of tamarind paste, a tsp of salt, tsp of pure turmeric powder and warm it in a pan.
      3. Now test the temperature of the mixture and if it’s hot wait for it to come to a lukewarm temperature,
      4. apply this mixture over sprains, just like we apply sprain creams.
      5. Some people make a paste as such without adding more water before heating it, you can try both method.

    3. Pirandai Appalams:

    There is also an easy and delicious way to consume pirandai, without any effort on our part and that is by consuming pappads. Sounds good right? Traditional urad dal appalams were always made with pirandai.
      1. Water is added to stone ground urad dal flour along with pirandai Powder, pepper powder, salt, and a little bit of pickling lime.
      2. It is pounded well to make it into a soft pliable dough and then made into appalams.
      3. If you can buy traditional appalams made with pirandai juice, it will be very good, you can also order these appalams online.
    1. Here in Tamil Nadu, the famous Kallidaikurichi appalams known for their taste and quality were always made with pirandai juice, which gives its unique wonderful taste
      4. Pirandai For Children:
      It is difficult to make young children eat pirandai thogayal, so try giving pirandai in the form of Powder. Regularly including Powder Powder in their diet will prevent them from getting stomach disorders. Pirandai Powder can also be added to dosa batter to make pirandai dosais.
      5. Pirandai for Treating Menopausal Symptoms:
      This paste if had regularly for a few days will help reduce menopausal symptoms.
      For the treatment take pirandai powder,consume a 1/4 tsp of this powder daily, it will help reduce many of the menopausal symptoms like joint pain, hot flushes, etc. This treatment also improves bone health.